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M. Szulikowski Law Office on 53 place among more than 80 of the best law offices in Poland, according to the VIII ranking organized by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna!

Apart from providing day-to-day legal support for businesses and natural persons, M. Szulikowski Law Office’s lawyers have recently participated, inter alia, in the following significant projects:

  • complex legal support regarding the changes in the structure of a capital group with an annual turnover of more than 100 million PLN, acting in developer sector, including creation of new limited joint-stock partnerships, transformation of existing capital companies into partnerships (limited or limited joint-stock), and the use of untypical solutions based on the change of the status of shareholders and on the transfer of rights and obligations in the existing limited partnerships to the holding limited joint-stock partnership; in the framework of this project the law office has also prepared author projects and solutions regarding the debt financing within the group,
  • legal support regarding the changes in the shareholder structure in a joint-stock company before its IPO, for a total value of 100 million PLN, with application of author construction with the use of the closed-end investment fund, non-voting preferred stocks in the limited joint-stock partnerships and a statutory exception to the requirements regarding the verification of the contributions by the certified auditor, which enabled a rapid course of the transaction,
  • legal support relating to a transaction regarding restructuring of capital group of companies from southern Poland, conducting manufacturing activity (industrial), with a total value of transactions in the sum of several hundred million PLN; the basic element of which was the acquisition of stocks in the increased share capital by the closed-end investment fund; this transaction also included a number of other activities conducted with the application of an escrow account, in particular activities relating to restructuring of obligations of a company participating in this transaction,
  • legal support relating to non-standard transactions on bonds, including e.g. the preparation of documents needed for the non-public issue of bonds, as well as legal support for the transaction regarding settlement of obligations to the bond holders through transfer of the real property ownership, located in Lower Silesia, with a total value of several million PLN,
  • elaboration of a set of documentation (including regulations and templates of agreements), regarding the provision by the brokerage house of services for the management of brokerage financial instruments portfolio services,
  • legal support for the project of creating on the territory of Poland by the international consortium of a new company in order to carry out medicinal activity in a specialized field of medicine; the services of the law office within this project included complex support for creation of a new company and advice on the requirements under the new legislation on medicinal activity, including creation of author templates of documents regulating the internal organization and employment; within the above mentioned project the law office advised to the Client also on the contact with the voivodship’s office, the National Health Fund and other authorities,
  • participating from legal side in a large, innovative project related to providing of services, including payment services via Internet, conducted by an entity whose business activity is subject to the supervision of the Polish National Bank, and in the near future will be subject to the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority,
  • legal advice for the Client realizing an investment project of "green field" type, in Warmia and Mazury, subsidized by the European Union in the amount of 50 million PLN, under which lawyers of the law office prepared author templates of projects of competitive procedures for contractors’ selection (procedures of mixed character, based on tender within the meaning of the Civil Code, with elements of negotiations), and untypical projects for construction works contracts (providing e.g. non-standard solutions for protection from risk associated with the principle of joint liability of the investor and general contractor toward subcontractors),
  • representing a company acting in the FMGC sector (chain of more than 150 stores in Poland), as a plaintiff in the case against the entity conducting business activities in the scope of renting space in shopping centers, regarding the payment (a dispute over the return of undue benefits), which overlapped the necessity to present an unusual legal argumentation and to prove that even though at the time of filing a suit, the claim was already barred, the defendant could not effectively raise the plea of limitation, because of the implied waiver of this ground of appeal,
  • representing a company organized and existing under the laws of Poland in arbitration proceedings in New York and before arbitration tribunal ICC in Paris, in a dispute with a company with its registered office in USA, regarding international sale of goods of high value, up to the stage of concluding the settlement under Polish law, after the end of arbitration proceedings,
  • obtaining, on the first court hearing, a favorable award for our Client – a natural person, concerning a claim for adjusting the content of a land and mortgage register with the real legal status, in the case concerning Warsaw real property possessed and originally developed on the basis of an expectative (so-called rights to ground from the decree), on which a perpetual usufruct right was subsequently established; the dispute required proving, on the basis of historical regulations, the moment of arising the perpetual usufruct, which determined that this right went into the joint ownership of a deceased married couple – testators of our Client, and which, in consequence made possible proving a wrong entry concerning the exact proportion of participation in the right, on the basis of a statement of acquisition of inheritance from one of the testators, and gaining a favorable entry for our Client,
  • representing a company operating in pharmaceutical sector in appeal proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeal on return of deposit in tender, in the proceeding on the order exceeding the EU thresholds; the law office had taken appropriate measurements that led to gaining a favorable verdict of the National Chamber of Appeal, confirmed by final and valid award of the regional court; the verdict was differed from unfavorable case law in similar matters,
  • legal services regarding IT projects, including innovative projects, such as an innovative project that includes providing of innovative software for schools, so-called e-journal,
  • participation of the law office in a large investment project of a renowned pharmaceutical company (group of German origin), concerning the increase of production (the introduction of new technology); the services of the law office consisted in advisory on the conclusion of agreements regarding legal title for new premises needed for the realization of the project; the law office advised the Client on the conclusion of the agreement regarding the purchase of specialist equipment,
  • legal support relating to the project concerning optimization of internal regulations in the company employing almost 1 700 employees, including organization of working time (with application of solutions from so-called anti crisis act), optimization of regulations regarding rules of controlling employees and also optimization of the structure of employee representation (the law office prepared changes in workplace regulations and other documents),
  • preparing legal opinion on termination of employment with a management board member of a sole shareholder company of the State Treasury, including application of provisions of employment law and regulations of so-called chimney act as well as provisions of commercial law (the issue of expiry of mandate),
  • legal services regarding notification of an intended concentration to the President of UOKiK (a Polish antitrust regulatory body) and support in completion of a takeover of control over a capital group from the construction sector, with a total transaction value of approximately 300 million PLN, using the concept of a closed investment fund (notifications of intended concentration also included presenting legal argumentation in the scope of lack of exercising control by the investment fund society over the investment fund formally managed by this society).

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